Every setback holds our next step...the next step in conquering our goals!

Do you ever wake up feeling disorganized, maybe feeling lost or depressed? Thinking “not again”...Saying to yourself: “All this self searching for nothing? Why am I feeling lost, it feels like I am starting all over again... when will I be - OK -? When will I feel fulfilled and happy?”

It all seems in vain. You feel that instead of making progress, you are back in the dark. Finding yourself lost in the infinite number of unclear thoughts, trying to figure out why they are there and hopeless attempts of trying to organize them. Thoughts that when you individually analyze, you'll realize that they are nothing but fear. Its this fear that is blocking your way and preventing you from seeing the truth...your progress.

Guess what? It happens to all of us; some just realize it and some blame others and other situations for it. Heads up: there is no magic pill that can bring you back to "normal" or “OK”. You know why? Because there is no such thing as “normal”! Our existence depends on evolution; without evolution, our world as we know it would stop. What we perceive as normal, ok, or great, etc. It is the last stage before our next step!

Everything we do has 3 stages...
1- a beginning/an idea/a cause/a pain,
2- a learning stage/a fight/struggle/feeling lost/confusion/ hard work and
3- the goal/the result/the fruit/the success/the glory/the peak!

These 3 stages can be applied to anything and any concept. So the next time you are feeling lost and unbalanced while having gone through the first step – the idea/the change/the wish and the wanting, you should know that it’s a very necessary step in your self-evolution or the realization of any idea or concept. It is the most difficult stage as it requires stamina, persistence, profound willpower (according to the person and the concept) and it’s the step where most people give up feeling unsure of their goals or their progress! Believe me I have been there many many times.

You see...most of us are brought up thinking and believing that we have to know everything immediately...that there is no time to waste...that we have to hurry and get on the fast train! But only growing up to realize that we actually did waste time by hurrying to get on the fast train…the wrong train! We are continuously surrounded by an insane amount of “fast & easy” solutions for absolutely everything we do.

So you can only expect to give up when you are in the second stage, as this stage is neither fast nor easy... but it needs time and patience to look over and over into the details, to realize its importance and make it one with you.

Before any success, there is a temporary failure. I remember when I first heard it, it was hard for me to accept it until I started to recognize a recurring pattern. I was experiencing many "temporary" setbacks and when I found the courage to overcome them, I was enjoying the process of my evolution, success, light.

When you are feeling lost, try to think of something you do well and how it was at the beginning. It could be anything, driving, cooking, painting or playing a sport. Imagine how unthinkable, difficult, and sometimes impossible, it seemed. But with patience, perseverance, and courage everything fell into place and you conquered it. So if you manage to write down this experience as a "recipe" then in any difficulty you will know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you are going through a very necessary stage for conquering your goal.

Now I realize that when I feel cloudy and pain, it's time for the next step in my personal development. Slowly the "pain" disappears and the "waiting" is replaced with faith...faith in me...faith in the process…faith in the evolution.