The importance of appreciating the experience of failure in our lives

To appreciate “failure”, we have to first understand it! Failure is when we have set a goal and we don’t achieve it…right? Or not? If we set a goal just based on what we think we want or what we think we should be doing, isn’t it unfair to conclude that we failed? Since we weren’t working towards achieving it with all our heart? Or what if the goal we were worked upon so much, somewhere along the way just wasn’t what we wanted or it stopped being of importance? Does that still count as a failure?

As long as I can remember myself I used to set high goals and wanted to change the world… and I still do! But what is different now is that I know that with every step I take, I evolve. I get one step closer to my goals. Because it’s not about how I will get there but about first setting the right goals and not letting go when things get rough! You see most of us along with the goals have expectations. But the expectation is what will bring on the “failure”…It’s because of these expectations that we are lead to believe that we failed… instead of finding another way to reach our goals we get hung up on a specific way, feeling defeated if things don’t work exactly as we expect them to! Goals and dreams never die, they never fail us… it’s we that fail ourselves in thinking we can’t! Instead of opening a new door we place “feelings” on a door that doesn’t open and then call it “our failed goal”!

So, there is no such thing as failure… but attempts in reaching our goals! But remember, choose your goals from your heart and if somewhere along the way you decide it’s not what you want any more, then give it a name and keep it in your experience bag! Because there is no destination without a path!