Unity in our workplace; real success is collective work for and by a ONE-Team!

Yesterday I re-watched a movie on the story of a whistleblower. At first, I got all sentimental about the sacrifice of a man for awareness for all and how his act was so noble. Don’t get me wrong as I still believe it is. But then I started to analyze it deeper and search within me to understand how it changed us and what the aftermath of his act was by asking some questions...

Did it change our perception of good and bad? What is good and bad? Is there such thing as good without bad or vise verse?

Did it help us see the essence instead of looks and beliefs? Did it bring more peace to our world? Did it change the way we treat each other? Did it unite us? What is unity? How can we be united when all we think about is “I” before everything we say or think? Did his act change our governments? Or did it make them stronger and more resourceful? Do I feel divided from my government? Am I not a part of my government? Were his intentions and those of everyone who speaks out the truths, to help us unite and stop fighting? To help us choose “all” instead of “few”, to help us work towards the wellbeing of our society as a ONE-Community?

What is my stake in it all? What have I done towards Unity? You see Unity comes from within… we are made up of 3 layers; we come to this earth from unity – we undergo a survival instincts period (longer period for some) only to find we are alone, searching for fulfillment outside of us – and the 3rd layer, we start waking up and introspecting, questioning. That’s when we start seeing small glimpses of the essence… the essence of genuine connection within us…within the “We”.

There is no point in the truth if it will only divide us… it cannot be the truth! The truth includes us all. You can call the truth also success or achievements, anything that can bring unity but also individuality! If it is for all it will help us all thrive, if it’s for few it will bring pain, individuality, competitiveness, stress and the list goes on.

Workplaces are no different than our governments… when we feel divided from top management, we take off responsibility from ourselves and start pointing fingers and lay back being helpless. Sometimes it’s top management and sometimes it’s a colleague/s. No matter who or what the situation, we create individuality and negativity.

Change only comes when we hold ourselves responsible and accountable for what comes our way. When we listen with our hearts, listen without intention, listen with care, when we ask questions instead of anticipating the answers, give our smile and a helping hand to our colleague, when we put ourselves in their situation, when we chose empathy over quick judgment, when we are vulnerable and honest instead of wearing our perfect and know-it-all costume, when we choose kindness and affection over jealousy and gossip, when we take responsibility and believe that we can be the change for a ONE-Team… ONE-Community… ONE-World.