Why do we fall... and how can we get back up?

Going uphill is very difficult and it needs a lot of stamina… it’s much easier and faster to go down! It’s quite the same in our everyday lives; when we set a goal, we have to work hard, have persistence and patience to achieve it. But just like going uphill or hiking on a mountain, there are ups and downs… the trail you are following takes you high and low to get to your destination.

Let’s say you want to climb a mountain, and while climbing it’s not always uphill… the path takes you down to go up, right? And if you look at it from a distance you can see an ascending path no matter the downhills… But we never question the path nor do we get disappointed when we see a downhill while trying to reach the top, since we know we are going up and to go up you must go down too! So why do we question ourselves each time we have a bad day or a bad outcome while chasing our goal or dream? Why don’t we trust nature and how things work? Why when we have heard of tens and hundreds of success stories and their disappointments along the way, don’t we trust our guts? And believe that all the “bad” on our path is actually “necessary” in achieving our goals?

Besides the obvious reasons such as not having clear goals or having an unrealistic goal, I believe that we lose focus and put too much on our plate or want to climb faster than we feel safe… and most of all, we forget to breath and trust the cycle of life! I know probably lost you there… I mean that we get too worked up on the goal itself and the result that we forget to live or breath or connect or listen or enjoy the ride…! Imagine while you are on the mountain and the only thing you are looking at is the top of the mountain… you will definitely miss out on all the beautiful scenery or a chance to meet a fellow climber or worse break your leg and there goes your goal!

We get too occupied and believe that the world is spinning around us and our goals only! We forget to realise that life goes on with or without us and our goals… If we take our heads out of the sand (our business) we can meet people, we can observe the beauties of our world, we will most definitely realise that we are not alone and we are connected in every way... HAVE GRATITUDE!

Gratitude is the key to bring yourself back up and keep walking… it’s the small realizations around you that will let you be grateful… sitting in the park noticing birds, noticing trees and how important they are, noticing people, noticing a handsome guy looking at us :)... noticing life itself! Noticing that you are alive and have the power to shape your life and your surroundings! … So let’s make the best out of it… and put goals that matter and make a positive impact in our world… BE A POSITIVE CHAIN REACTION!